Work Packages

WP1 Project Management and Coordination

1.1.2 Project and Financial Management

1.1.3 Steering Committee Meetings

1.1.4 Audit

1.1.5 Risk and Quality Assurance Plan

WP2 Communication and Dissemination

2.1.1  Communication Plan

2.1.2  Project website

2.1.3  Dissemination Events

2.1.4  Social Media and Electronic Communication

2.1.5  Dissemination Material

WP 3  Observational and Forecasting Fire and Pollution Models

3.1.1  Modeling Information System for monitoring of forest area, forest fire detection and early warning

3.1.2  Development of Capacity for dealing with forest fires

3.1.3  Surface water and fragile vegetation pollution model, due to acid rain caused by air pollutants

WP4 Hydrometeorological repercussion models

4.1.1  High resolution weather forecast model

4.1.2  Local hydrological model for basin’s run – off and torrent’s discharge estimation on Pelister’s Park area

4.1.3  Innovative techniques to detect the existence of discontinuities in Axios river embankments due to mammalian action

4.1.4  Self-Protection Guide for Natural Disasters

WP5 Creation of warning and Educational “Civil Protection” Structures

5.1.1  Upgrade of the existing Information Center in NP Pelister and development of Laboratory in the area of Disaster and Risk Management for educational and research purposes

5.1.2  Emergency Management Frameworks E.M.Fs

5.1.3  Educational and Training Seminars for students and Citizens of endangered Areas aiming to their awareness and preparedness against Natural Disasters and Technological Risks

5.1.4  Compilation of a MSc program related with Natural and Technological Disasters and Risks

5.1.5  Capitalization and Evaluation actions

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